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Automated delivery robot being displayed at the Science Museum. These create an obstruction for footway users.

New entrance courtyard at the V&A - plenty of space for cycle parking, but of course the design values are more important.

Cycle parking needed here.

New theatre opened and there are no cycle stands nearby.

Just at the junction, just within Redcliffe Square, on the wider part of the footpath before it narrows for car parking bays

Just at the junction, just within Redcliffe Square, on the wider part of the footpath before it narrows for car parking bays

Cyclists Dismount sign at the top of Holland Walk, no dropped kerb or obvious way to continue.

Doesn't seem to be anything around here - usually end up locking to scaffolding around the corner

Cycle parking needed here.

Crossing Cheyne Walk at Battersea Bridge is treacherous for cyclists and pedestrians alike. Cycle lanes along embankment and leading into Kings Road needed for safe access to local schools & shops

I always find getting through King's Rd a challenging task. The route for a cyclist is too narrow. As this road is mostly jammed the cars tend to push the cyclists towards the pavement (not enough space to get through). This is the reason I ... [more]

It's really not very clear that NCN route 4 turns right here.

enough cycle stands to secure 10 bicycles

Choke point by Kensington Palace on what is now a busy commuter route

Too great a risk of theft / damage not to have a shed. Flats have no space for cycle storage around the area

from RBKC: The cycle stands at the junction of Cromwell Road/Queen’s Gate would have been installed by Transport for London as they are the highway authority where there are red no waiting lines and any request for additional cycle parki ... [more]

The only parking is at the corner of Cromwell Rd and the stands are almost always full - especially in school term time. Location type is a mix of public, red route and school.

Shared space that doesn’t work, because there is through traffic

Shared space that doesn’t work, because there is through traffic

There are currently 5 stands but they are nearly always full. The space is big enough for at least another three stands which would help local residents and shoppers.

Retail high street/residential area with lots of cyclists, would be useful to have a secure parking shelter

Ideal location for a secure bike locker, filling a single car park bay

There is not enough space infront of the Town Hall and no parking by the Sports Centre.

Is there meant to be a cycle contraflow here? There's absolutely no signage to suggest it.

Cycle parking at entrance of any park

ASL, narrow feeder lane

Cycle lane

Cycle lane protecting parked cars

ASL and feeder lane


ASL and narrow feeder lane

Cycle parking needed here.

There are currently 5 bike stands here but it is a very busy location outside waitrose. This photo was taken at 9am and is full with 10 bikes. It is s very large open area of pavement that has more space available for more bike racks.

Shared Space at Exhibition Road is a complete failure - it is a through route

Shared Space doesn't work when there is through-traffic

Shared Space at Exhibition Road is a complete failure - it is a through route

Shared Space doesn't work when there is through-traffic

Shared Space at Exhibition Road is a complete failure - it is a through route

Shared Space doesn't work when there is through-traffic

covered and secure

Popular student area, nowhere for bikes!

cycle stands needed near every gate to Hyde Park

They wouldn't need this extra sign if there was any normal cycle parking in the neighbourhood - bizarre omission from the new Exhibition Road layout.

The new layout on Exhibition Road - Barclays Bike stations, lots of car parking, but virtually nothing for normal bikes to lock on to.

Left turn only filter light into Earls Court road leaves non turning cyclists stranded in the middle of the road. Junction needs remodelling (with rest of KHS) to be more cycle friendly

Strangely obstructive arrangement with a cycle route just beyond

Not enough parking at Earl's Court

Upper Phillimore Gardens should have an W.-bound cycling contraflow to allow us to proceed to Holland Park from Holland Street

RBKC has been promising a cyclists' contraflow on Holland Street heading E. to Upper Phillimore Gardens. Let's have it installed as the natural extension to that already existing further E. in Holland Street.

The Crown Estate deliberately blocks York Passage with a half closed gate and large planters the W. end and in the middle, together with 'cyclists dismount' signs. This is an important entrance into Kensington Gardens and should have all t ... [more]

At least 50 racks outside Holland Park tube.

the whole of Kensington High street is a nightmare for cyclists, no room at all for them most times of the day, there's no convenient back route parallel to the street.terrible left filter at Earls Court Rd making it v dangerous to anyone o ... [more]

This junction would benefit from an ASL on the east bound section. In the morning, cyclists bunch up at the front of the queue when they inevitably hit the red lights.

Holland park roundabout is busy, aggressive and has a big bump in the road at the lights coming from the shepherds bush side.

I found in map my area Holland Av is a major problem for cyclists as mentioned in map, it's true I can not cycle on the road there is no space for cyclists, council should make space on the pavement for cyclists because too wide pavement wh ... [more]

Heavy traffic and no room for cyclists

Cyclists are encouraged to cycle through the park and then along Holland Street - but at the junction of Holland Street must turn left or right rather than carrying straight on towards Holland Park. It might be difficult to arrange safely ... [more]

If you're lucky and traffic is not heavy, it's great cycling from Nothing Hill Gate to Shepherds Bush roundabout on Holland Park Av. However, when traffic is dense, it is simply impossible to get through traffic on a bike. As someone ment ... [more]

This junction is very difficult for cyclists. There isn't enough room coming south-bound from Chelsea Bridge Road to get to the front of traffic, and turning right from Chelsea Bridge is also a struggle.

The section of Holland Park Avenue between Shepherds bush roundabout and Portland road is dangerous (as already noted in the mark on Portland Road). There is an excellent contra-flow cycle route on Ladbroke Road though which avoids all the ... [more]

Dangerous exit from cycle route across Ken Gardens rightinto Ken High Street across busy traffic lanes. Vehicles often illegally parked ( no loading at any time) outside Hotel)

Exit from park turning right dangerous across contra flow motor traffic. Left turn then right into Palace gate has similar problems due to light filters

Despite a colleague being killed here 2 years ago nothing has been done re illegal parking by cars and lorries. No ASL enforcement Cars turning often turning across cyclists at several junctions along high street

After heading south on Hortensia Road, when trying to turn right onto King's Road it is pretty difficult unless you walk across the zebra crossing - there's just too much traffic. I often end up in the middle of the road.

How the hell do you legally get onto the cycle lane here if you're coming from the south?

The Kings Road Beaufort Street junction is orientated to favour traffic over pedestrians. It is a busy shopping and pedestrian area. The crossings for pedestrians have not been raised to encourage traffic to slow down and there is only a pu ... [more]

The road narrows just here but there are cars turning left and going straight on. I always end up in a bike sandwich trying to going straight ahead up the much wider Queen's Gate and keeping clear of all the parked cars there.

Portobello Road junction with tavistock road W11 - there used to be loads of bike racks here, but K+C have 'improved' this area - and removed almost all the bike racks! Very indequate provision now.

I see many eastbound cyclists turning into the park at this entrance as I exit to head for Notting Hill. There is absolutely no safe way for them to to do this if the traffic is not stopped at the lights. Many of them make heart stopping da ... [more]

Royal Hospital Road and Pimlico Road - these roads are dangerous as they are narrow and often used by busses driving into or coming from Victoria Station.

There's a toucan crossing here but coming southbound you can't get to it as Cromwell Crescent is one way northbound only. Needs 2 way cycling in that street.

Traffic turning left onto Sloane Square from Sloane St rarely respects the right of way of riders already on the square

Junction of Walmer Road and Hippodrome Place. A completely blind corner close to park, nursery school and primary school. A typical cycling route crosses the blind exit from Hippodrome Place through bollards to head from Walmer Road toward ... [more]

No cycling provision along Sloane Steet in both directions despite many cyclists using it to access Hyde Park.

Sloane Square is a racetrack, not suitable for not so confident cyclists - links up cycling routes.

Cyclists are highly exposed travelling West-East on the Hollard Park/Shepherd's Bush roundabout. Going East-West the bike lanes are broken up and not timed with the lights, and blend into the sidewalk in front of the Shepherd's Bush cinema, ... [more]

The area from Hammersmith to kensington is not particularly joined up. THis is a particularly busy route and cycle route is very convaluted. Cycle routes disappear and it seems crazy that you cannot cycle through parts of the parks.

Neville Terrace. It is almost impossible to turn right into Fulham road coming out of Neville Terrace. Cars are aggressive to bikes here and so many cars turn it is dangerous for bikes.

Holland Park Ave. This is a 2-lane road that seriously needs a bike or bus lane. It is a very highly-used cycle route but whenever traffic gets a bit bad (especially westbound in the evening rush hour) the two lanes are so tightly packed, ... [more]

High Street Kensington is one segment of the Great Western Road which is exceptionally difficult and dangerous for cyclists. It has numerous bus stops, traffic lights, is extremely congested virtually at all times. Yet just yards away ther ... [more]

Albert Bridge has been refurbished, but width restrictions at the north end and lack of cycle markings mean that of the three bridges in this area (Battersea, Albert, Chelsea), none provide a safe and easy crossing for bikes at peak times. ... [more]

The Kings Road should be the perfect cycling destination. Nice shops, nice road, nice speed. But the ability to park causes dangerous bottle necks and puts cyclists at risk of doors flying open. Take away the parking and put in a (BUS FREE) ... [more]

On this massive highway the cyclists are supposed to cycle next to the cars. This is life-threatening. Even me, usually a daredevil when it comes to cycling next to automobilists, am scared to cycle here despite my many years of experience. ... [more]

There is a width restriction on Albert Bridge which is enforced by a narrowing of the road at the entrance to the bridge to stop any oversized vehicles from entering the bridge. However it also means the road is too narrow for a car and bic ... [more]

Off Kensington High St, identify a route going east-west, so that you do not have to do battle with crammed traffic, from the entrance to Holland Park in the west to Kensington Church Street in the east, along Kensington High Street. It's ... [more]

Off Kensington High St, identify a route going east-west, so that you do not have to do battle with crammed traffic, from the entrance to Holland Park in the west to Kensington Church Street in the east, along Kensington High Street. It's ... [more]

It's the bridge crossings that still scare me out of my wits. There must be something we could do?

Very simple idea ..from 7 until 9 am there is a bus/cycle lane all the way from shepherds bush to Lancaster gate. Then cyclists can go into the park. Cars will be congested but soon either stop or go up onto the flyover or use other trans ... [more]

Notting Hill Gate, from the Shepherds Bush roundabout to the peak and beyond at Clanrincade Gardens, is a truly horrid road. The pavements are insanely wide, but bicycles are not allowed on them. Instead, when going uphill (east) we must ru ... [more]

Warwick Road badly needs a workover as the cars are very aggressive about cyclists. But an easy solution to the neighbourhood would be making at least the far end of Longridge road (marked) two way for bike and many of the other one way r ... [more]

on every road that has a bus/cycle lane. the buses leave the roads in a terrible condition and make it another obstacle to avoid when cycling! a superhighway route that goes out to the west would be nice, maybe along highstreet kensington ... [more]

The road from Sheppards Bush to Notting Hill is a very dangerous road with very little safety considerations given to cyclists by other road users and TFL.

Dangerous railings for the taxis to crush bikes against when they are trying to park, and no way to get across to the zebra crossing from the bike parking along a bit, all solved by removing the rails and putting more bike stands!

There are about 20 racks here but 550 students! Also some of the racks are not protected from cars and have been damaged along with my bike. There should be bollards so people damage their cars not the bikes!

Incredible lack of cycle parking near the Science Museum despite the remodelling of the street. Not everyone will arrive by borisbike.

There are bikes regularly anchored to lamp posts outside this doctors surgery and the bus stop in this area. Some secure bike parking would look much better and be very much appreciated.

There are hundreds of students living on this block, and only a few racks which are always full overnight. People have had to lock their bike through mine to get a spot then I can't use it!

Imperial College - bikes on every pole, parking for residents' cars.

Imperial College - parking for residents' cars, not bikes

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